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  • Ask: Where can I order name plates?

    Answer: Engrave offers you India's largest collection of name plate designs online - with materials ranging from acrylic, brass, ceramic, glass, marble, steel, stone and wood. Choose the perfect nameplate for your home from an extensive range of 1500+ name plate designs.

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  • Ask: What do you call the name thing on a desk?

    Answer: A nameplate is \u201cA plate or plaque inscribed with a person's name, especially one on an office door\u201d.


  • Ask: How much is a gold name plate necklace?

    Answer: A nameplate identifies and displays a person or product's name. Nameplates are usually shaped as rectangles but are also seen in other shapes, sometimes taking on the shape of someone's written name. ... Plaques have larger dimensions and aim to communicate more information than a name and title.

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  • Ask: Where can I buy posters online?

    Answer: Posters: Buy Wall Posters Online at Best Prices In India | Decorate your room, your kid's room, or transform any room in your home with interesting wall posters that you can buy online.

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  • Ask: Is all posters com legit?

    Answer: AllPosters has a consumer rating of 1.93 stars from 180 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. AllPosters also ranks 10th among Posters sites. The most common issues with AllPosters are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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  • Ask: Does Walmart sell posters?

    Answer: Posters. ... Poster printing is easy at Walmart. Photo posters are available in up to seven sizes, depending on your design, so it's easy to make a poster for any space: 11x14 inches.

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  • Ask: Is redbubble good for posters?

    Answer: Redbubble posters are really high-quality. Redbubble posters are NOT your typical paper posters. As soon as I felt a Redbubble poster for the first time, I immediately saw that it was a nice, durable paper. The print was clear and it had amazing, vibrant colors.