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Questions with Thermal - Heat Pipes, Vapor Chambers

  • Ask: How does a vapor chamber work?

    Answer: Vapor Chambers are filled with coolant that, when heated, change phases from a liquid to a gas and back again. The vaporized coolant circulates via convection and moves freely through the chamber. The molecules then condense on cold surfaces, dissipate their heat load, and are channeled back to the coolant reservoir.

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  • Ask: What is vapor chamber cooling system?

    Answer: Rather than using separate pipes, a vapor chamber uses its entire body to cool the CPU. Its flat structure allows heat to be transferred evenly through a very small amount of space. ... Inside a vapor chamber is a series of small posts that keep the structure from collapsing under exterior atmospheric pressure.

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  • Ask: What is the difference between a heatsink and a heat pipe?

    Answer: Any heat pipe system works in conjunction with a fan and heatsink. Heat pipes are liquid-filled copper pipes that connect to the top of the CPU and carry the heat away from it to a heatsink and fan. This is a highly effective cooling system, combining the most effective characteristics of three different technologies.

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  • Ask: Do Heat pipes work upside down?

    Answer: Heat pipes work best with the heat source on the "bottom" of the heat pipe with respect to gravity. They will work "upside down" but not nearly as well.

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