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Questions with Latches, Locks

  • Ask: What is a cam latch?

    Answer: The cam latch is a simple locking mechanism used to achieve the securing of access to panels and entry points. They are comprised of a body and latch which rotates when actuated to secure or release. ... Our flexi-system cam latches feature fully interchangeable, parts, allowing for a completely flexible hardware system.

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  • Ask: What is a compression latch?

    Answer: A compression latch holds a door, panel or cover shut, and at the same time compresses a gasket around the inside of the door to seal out moisture, dirt and dust. For electronic enclosures, the degree of compression required is specified by its NEMA or IP rating.


  • Ask: What is a rotary latch?

    Answer: Rotary latches provide an effective and reliable means of remotely opening interior and exterior doors, compartments, hoods, and other compartments. They combine security with push-to-close convenience. ... It connects via a routed cable to the latch in the hood.

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  • Ask: Why do door latches have two parts?

    Answer: The main latch is supposed to fall into the strike hole on the door frame, the little part is supposed to sit on the surface of the strike (not fall into the hole). This feature is meant to keep someone from retracting the latch from the outside of the door with a credit card or other device.

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  • Ask: Why is hair called locks?

    Answer: A lock of hair is a piece or pieces of hair that has been cut from, or remains singly on, a human head, most commonly bunched or tied together in some way. A standard dictionary definition defines a lock as a tress, curl, or ringlet of hair.

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  • Ask: What are parts of a lock called?

    Answer: The main parts of a door lock are the cylinder, bolt, box and strike plate. ... Diagram showing the parts of a door lock, including the knob, rose, cylinder, latch assembly, bolt and strike plate.

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  • Ask: Who invented the lock?

    Answer: The earliest patent for a double-acting pin tumbler lock was granted to American physician Abraham O. Stansbury in England in 1805, but the modern version, still in use today, was invented by American Linus Yale, Sr. in 1848. But, other famous locksmiths patented their lock designed before and after Linus.

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