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Questions with Touch Sensors

  • Ask: How do touch sensors work?

    Answer: The working of a touch sensor is similar to that of a simple switch. When there is contact with the surface of the touch sensor, the circuit is closed inside the sensor and there is a flow of current. ... The measurement circuit will detect the change in the capacitance and converts it into a trigger signal.

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  • Ask: What is the application of touch sensor?

    Answer: A touch sensor detects touch or near proximity without relying on physical contact. Touch sensors are making their way into many applications like mobile phones, remote controls, control panels, etc. Present day touch sensors can replace mechanical buttons and switches.

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  • Ask: What are two types of touch sensors?

    Answer: There are two common types of touch sensors: capacitive touch sensors and resistive touch sensors.


  • Ask: How do you make a touch sensor?

    Answer: Connect the resistor and LED in series from the positive supply to the collector of the transistor. Choose a resistor that sets the current of your LED to around 20 mA. Connect the emitter of the transistor to the negative terminal of the supply. Now, create two wires with exposed ends \u2013 so you can see the metal.