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  • Ask: What is fabrication work?

    Answer: Fabrication is the act of taking raw stock material and turning it into a part for use in an assembly process. There are many different types of fabrication processes. The most common are. Cutting.

    fabrication, fabrication

  • Ask: What is an example of fabrication?

    Answer: Fabrication is the process of making something from semi-finished or raw materials rather than from ready-made components. ... For example, if I say \u201cJohn's story about the elephant was a fabrication,\u201d I mean that it was a lie. We use the term in scientific inquiry and academic research.

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  • Ask: What does fabricator mean?

    Answer: fabricator. Noun. (plural fabricators) A person who fabricates or manufactures something; a manufacturer. A person who makes a fabrication of something; a counterfeiter or falsifier.

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  • Ask: What is fabrication and its types?

    Answer: There are many types of fabrication techniques where the most common ones are cutting and machining, punching and drilling, straightening, bending and rolling, fitting and reaming, fastening, finishing etc.

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