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  • Ask: What is magnetic wire used for?

    Answer: Magnet wire is copper wire with a coating of insulation, and is used in electromagnets, transformers, Tesla coils, speakers, inductors, guitar pickups, and motors. It is available in many sizes, temperature ratings, and colors. Magnet wire allows multiple layer of wire to be wound together without short circuiting.

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  • Ask: Is copper wire and magnet wire the same?

    Answer: Magnet wire is copper wire with thin enamel insulation, instead of the usual thicker plastic. ... Both wires are same by conduct, but the magnet copper wire is specially coated with thin and high heat absorbing material. Thin insulated material help to make more turns in a short area and capable for heat absorb.

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  • Ask: Is magnet wire magnetic?

    Answer: In simplest terms, magnet wire is used for interchanging electrical energy with magnetic energy. The most common magnet wire is copper insulated wire used in electric motors \u2013 one of the greatest inventions of all time, right up there with the wheel and light bulb.

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  • Ask: What is the coating on magnet wire?

    Answer: What is magnet wire? It is an insulated copper or aluminum conductor typically used to wind electromagnetic devices such as motors and transformers. The insulation may be a thin film of varnish called enamel; a fibrous polyester or fiberglass yarn; or a combination of both enamel and fibrous insulations.

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