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  • Ask: What is bezel display?

    Answer: In the computer industry, a bezel may refer to either the edge around a monitor or the front of a desktop computer case. A monitor bezel, or screen bezel, is the area of a display that surrounds the screen. For example, if a monitor has a one inch bezel, the screen is surrounded by one inch of plastic or metal.

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  • Ask: What are bezels?

    Answer: Bezels are the borders between a screen and a phone's frame. ... By narrowing the borders around a screen, manufacturers can devote more of the phone's front to its display, allowing them to offer a bigger screen in a smaller phone.


  • Ask: What is bezel less display?

    Answer: A bezel is the name of the frame around displays, like those on your TV or smartphone. TV and computer monitor manufacturers have long been shaving down these edges to offer frame-less designs, and it looks like the smartphone bezel may soon become an endangered component as well.

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  • Ask: What's wrong with bezels?

    Answer: Bezels are, for the most part, ugly and their blankness seems to make some people uncomfortable. \u201cWasted space\u201d, they might think. Science fiction is partly also to blame for our obsession with all-glass phones. ... Others are possible to hide beneath the glass.