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  • Ask: What are the best telescope eyepieces?

    Answer: The Plössl is an eyepiece usually consisting of two sets of doublets, designed by Georg Simon Plössl in 1860. Since the two doublets can be identical this design is sometimes called a symmetrical eyepiece. The compound Plössl lens provides a large 50° or more apparent field of view, along with relatively large FOV.

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  • Ask: What are Plossl eyepieces?

    Answer: Best Telescope Eyepieces for Planetary Viewing\u2014Tele Vue 13mm Ethos 2\u201d/1.25\u201d Eyepiece with 100 Degree Field of View. \u200bThis premium eyepiece comes with a 13mm focal length for superior magnifying power. This is an ideal planetary eyepiece, which will give a greater magnification of many planets' surfaces.

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  • Ask: Which eyepiece is best for viewing planets?

    Answer: Magnification is determined simply by dividing the focal length of the telescope by the focal length of the eyepiece. This means that a smaller number on an eyepiece gives a higher magnification. ... A 10mm eyepiece would be low power on a short-focal-length scope but high power on a long-focal-length scope.

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