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Technology Number of Channels Voltage - Isolation Common Mode Transient Immunity (Min) Propagation Delay tpLH / tpHL (Max) Pulse Width Distortion (Max) Rise / Fall Time (Typ) Current - Output High, Low Current - Peak Output Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Typ) Current - DC Forward (If) (Max) Voltage - Output Supply Operating Temperature Mounting Type Package / Case Supplier Device Package Approval Agency

Questions with Isolators - Gate Drivers

  • Ask: What is a gate driver circuit?

    Answer: Gate Drive Circuit. A gate drive circuit is an integrated circuit that accepts a low power input from a controller IC and produces the appropriate voltage and current for a power semiconductor switch. From: Power Electronics and Motor Drive Systems, 2017.

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  • Ask: Why do we need gate drivers?

    Answer: There needs to be a certain gate-to-source voltage, called threshold voltage, in order for the MOSFET to turn on. ... Similarly, to switch the transistor off, this charge must be dissipated meaning that the gate capacitor must be discharged. This is why a gate driver is usually needed, especially for high frequencies.

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