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  • Ask: What is the cigarette lighter plug called?

    Answer: An automobile auxiliary power outlet (also known as car outlet, automotive power socket, automobile outlet, vehicular outlet, and similar; formerly known as a cigarette lighter receptacle, cigar lighter receptacle or cigar lighter socket) in an automobile was initially designed to power an electrically heated cigarette ...

    outlet, known as, socket, cigar lighter

  • Ask: What is positive and negative on a cigarette lighter plug?

    Answer: The center pole (deep inside the bottom or back of the outlet) is the \u201cpositive\u201d pole, while the metal shell (or metal clips inside the socket on the sides) of the outlet form the negative pole. In most vehicles, the negative pole (shell) is electrically bonded to the metal chassis of the vehicle.

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  • Ask: How do you wire a cigarette lighter plug?

    Answer: When a cigarette lighter socket stops working or seems to malfunction, there are a few things that can go wrong: ... The cigarette lighter socket is blown - This just means that there's no power getting to the socket at all. The fuse could be blown, or there could be another problem with the wiring.

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