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Questions with RF Antennas

  • Ask: What does RF antenna mean?

    Answer: A radio frequency (RF) antenna transmits or receives radio signals. There are antenna on masts which transmit to an antenna in your phone; large TV antennas transmit to the receiver in your television, etc. It can be anything transmitting electromagnetic frequencies. A TV satellite is a spaceborne antenna, etc.

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  • Ask: How does RF antenna work?

    Answer: The antenna at the transmitter generates the radio wave. A voltage at the desired frequency is applied to the antenna. The voltage across the antenna elements and the current through them create the electric and magnetic waves, respectively. ... Any antenna will work for either transmit or receive.

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  • Ask: What is RF antenna input?

    Answer: RF Antenna input is typically used to connect a television antenna, cable TV wire, or satellite feed to a television, VCR, or other device that can process radio-frequency video signals, including some computers.


  • Ask: What are three types of antenna types?

    Answer: There are several different types of antennas in three broad categories: omni-directional, directional, and semi-directional.