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Questions with RF Filters

  • Ask: What does an RF filter do?

    Answer: RF filters are electronic components that are used to allow or prevent selected signals or frequencies in order to eliminate noise or pass through of unwanted signals.

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  • Ask: What companies make RF filters?

    Answer: Akoustis Technologies, Inc., an integrated device manufacturer (IDM) of patented bulk acoustic wave (BAW) high-band RF filters for mobile and other wireless applications, announced today it has received its first volume commercial order for 5G small cell network infrastructure filter solutions.

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  • Ask: Who makes RF filters for 5g?

    Answer: Radio frequency (RF) energy, in the form of radiating waves or electrical currents, has been used in medical treatments for over 75 years, generally for minimally invasive surgeries using radiofrequency ablation including the treatment of sleep apnea.

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