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Questions with Line Conditioners

  • Ask: Do line conditioners really work?

    Answer: All a line conditioner can do is reduce noise coming in from the power lines. On well designed audio equipment and with normal power conditions, it won't make any audible difference. Good equipment has adequate input filtering to reduce normal levels of interference from the power line to negligible levels.

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  • Ask: Is a UPS a power conditioner?

    Answer: An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) \u2013 is a device with a backup battery that provides several minutes of power in the event of a blackout. ... A Power Conditioner \u2013 is a device which filters and distributes power to various types of electronic gear such as studio monitors or audio interfaces.

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  • Ask: What is the best power conditioner to buy?

    Answer: A power line conditioner is a tool meant to provide an extra protection layer for sensitive devices. The conditioner keeps your equipment safe during over voltages and brownouts. Modern conditioners have automatic voltage regulations to keep a steady voltage for all your electronics.

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