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Questions with Protection Relays & Systems

  • Ask: How does a protection relay work?

    Answer: A protective relay is a switchgear device that detects the fault and initiates the operation of the circuit breaker to isolate the defective element from the rest of the system. ... Through the changes in one or more of these quantities, the faults signal their presence, type, and location to the protective relays.


  • Ask: What is a protective relay in electricity?

    Answer: In electrical engineering, a protective relay is a relay device designed to trip a circuit breaker when a fault is detected. ... Important transmission lines and generators have cubicles dedicated to protection, with many individual electromechanical devices, or one or two microprocessor relays.

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  • Ask: Which relay is used to protect feeders?

    Answer: A MHO relay is used for distance protection on a line, a translay relay is used for line differential protection via a pilot scheme, a Merz Price relay is used for generator differential protection, and a Buchholz relay is used for transformer protection.

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  • Ask: What are the transformer protection relays?

    Answer: The protection of a transformer against the overloads is performed by a dedicated protection usually called thermal overload relay. This type of protection simulates the temperature of the transformer's windings. The simulation is based on the measure of the current and on the thermal time constant of the transformer.

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