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Questions with Trimmer Potentiometers

  • Ask: What is a trimming potentiometer?

    Answer: A trimpot or trimmer potentiometer is a small potentiometer which is used for adjustment, tuning and calibration in circuits. When they are used as a variable resistance (wired as a rheostat) they are called preset resistors.


  • Ask: What is the difference between a trimmer and a potentiometer?

    Answer: Rheostats are typically used as strict variable resistors. Trimmers are potentiometers which need infrequent adjustment. They are often used to calibrate a device or circuit after manufacturing, and often require a special tool for adjustment.

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  • Ask: How does a Trimpot work?

    Answer: Rotary and trimpot potentiometers are wire wound, and are single or multi-turn, depending on the number of times the knob may be turned. ... Potentiometers work by having a resistive element inside. Both end terminals are attached to it, and do not move. The wiper travels along the strip when the knob is turned.

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  • Ask: How do you hook up a potentiometer trimmer?

    Answer: How to Use a Trimmer? To use a Trimpot potentiometer simply connect the CCW and CW terminal with positive supply and ground terminal respectively and get variable output voltage from the wiper terminal. To change the output voltage rotate the screw on the top of the Trim pot.

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