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  • Ask: What kind of batteries have a memory?

    Answer: The memory effect has long been known to exist in Nickel-Cadmium- and Nickel-metal hydride batteries. Ever since lithium-ion batteries started to be successfully marketed in the 1990s, the existence of the memory effect in this type of battery had been ruled out. Incorrectly, as this new study indicates.

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  • Ask: What is the memory effect of a battery?

    Answer: The battery memory effect is a reduction in the longevity of a rechargeable battery's charge, due to incomplete discharge in previous uses. Some types of batteries, such as nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride, can develop a memory effect when only partially discharged before recharging.

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  • Ask: Is battery memory still a thing?

    Answer: In a nutshell, those older battery types did suffer a memory effect where their maximum capacity would slowly decline if they were charged regularly after only being partially discharged. ... But with lithium ion batteries, this is no longer a thing.

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  • Ask: How do you fix battery memory?

    Answer: As much as the memory effect is a concern for battery users, it should not stand in the way of using rechargeable batteries such as Lithium-ion, NiCd and NiMH. You can effectively manage the issue by charging your batteries and discharging them fully from time to time.

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