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Questions with Interface - Controllers

  • Ask: What does a network interface controller do?

    Answer: A network interface controller (NIC, also known as a network interface card, network adapter, LAN adapter or physical network interface, and by similar terms) is a computer hardware component that connects a computer to a computer network.

    nic, adapter

  • Ask: What is an Ethernet interface?

    Answer: Ethernet networking interface refers to a circuit board or card installed in a personal computer or workstation, as a network client. A networking interface allows a computer or mobile device to connect to a local area network (LAN) using Ethernet as the transmission mechanism.

    ethernet, interface, network

  • Ask: How do network interface cards work?

    Answer: A computer's network card works by taking the data given to it by the CPU and sending it to a destination. It translates the data into a form that can be transferred via cables and then translates the data it receives back into data usable by the computer.

  • Ask: What are the types of network interface card?

    Answer: There are many synonyms for network interface card like, network adapter, local area network (LAN) card or physical network interface card, ethernet controller or ethernet adapter, network controller, and connection card.

    network, card, controller