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Questions with Delay Lines

  • Ask: What are delay lines used for?

    Answer: A Passive Delay Line is a special purpose Low Pass Filter designed to delay (phase shift) the input signal by a specified increment of time, and is composed of series inductors and shunt capacitors with values dictated by the line impedance.

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  • Ask: How do optical delay lines work?

    Answer: Delay Lines Information. Delay lines are devices used to slow down a signal by a time interval in an electrical network. There are two basic delay line technologies: passive and active. Passive delay lines or analog delay lines (ADL) are built with analog components and can delay both analog and digital signals.

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  • Ask: How do you add a delay in an analog circuit?

    Answer: Fiber Optic Delay Lines (ODL) consist of an input and output fiber collimator to project the light into free space and collect it again into a fiber. ... In either case, by varying the distance the light travels, one can control the delay time through the device.

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  • Ask: What is delay line in CRO?

    Answer: There are several ways to introduce an analog delay into a signal channel. If you have enough room in your product, an appropriate length of coax cable can be introduced. Inductor-capacitor delay lines can be purchased.

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