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Questions with Logic - Counters, Dividers

  • Ask: How do you divide frequency from a counter?

    Answer: One benefit of using toggle flip-flops for frequency division is that the output at any point has an exact 50% duty cycle. The final output clock signal will have a frequency value equal to the input clock frequency divided by the MOD number of the counter. Such circuits are known as \u201cdivide-by-n\u201d counters.

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  • Ask: What is a frequency divider circuit?

    Answer: Frequency Dividers are the circuits which divide the input frequency by n (any integer number), means if we provide some signal of frequency 'f' then the output will be the divided frequency 'f/n'. Frequency dividers are very useful in analog as well as digital applications.

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  • Ask: How does a clock divider work?

    Answer: Meet the clock divider, also known as a pulse divider. When a clock divider receives a stream of gate pulses at its input it will only pass a fraction of the pulses on to its output. For instance, from the 1/2 output pulses will be sent half as often, skipping every other pulse.

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  • Ask: What is up counter and down counter?

    Answer: An up-counter counts events in increasing order. A down-counter counts stuff in the decreasing order. An up-down counter is a combination of an up-counter and a down-counter. It can count in both directions, increasing as well as decreasing.

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