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Questions with Logic - Multivibrators

  • Ask: What are the different types of multivibrators?

    Answer: When a logic level “0” pulse is applied to the trigger input T of the first NOT gate it changes state and produces a logic level “1” output. ... The voltage across the capacitor, CT increases rapidly to this new voltage level, which is also connected to the input of the second NOT gate.


  • Ask: What is multivibrator PDF?

    Answer: A MULTIVIBRATOR is an electronic circuit that generates square, rectangular, pulse waveforms, also called nonlinear oscillators or function generators. Multivibrator is basically a two amplifier circuits arranged with regenerative feedback.

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  • Ask: Which type of multivibrator is called as flip flop?

    Answer: Bistable Multivibrator. ... In other words a multivibrator which has both the state stable is called a bistable multivibrator. It is also called flip-flop, trigger circuit or binary. The output pulse is obtained when, and why a driving (triggering) pulse is applied to the input.

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  • Ask: What is quasi stable state in multivibrators?

    Answer: Quasi stable state/Quasi state is a temporary stable state. A monostable circuit is triggered to this state before returning to the normal stable state. Both the states of an astable multivibrator are quasi-stable. ... It will stay there for time period determined by circuit components.

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