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  • Ask: Whats is an interface?

    Answer: Network-to-network interface. In telecommunications, a network-to-network interface (NNI) is an interface that specifies signaling and management functions between two networks. An NNI circuit can be used for interconnection of signalling (e.g., SS7), Internet Protocol (IP) (e.g., MPLS) or ATM networks.


  • Ask: What is a network node interface?

    Answer: In general, an interface is a device or a system that unrelated entities use to interact. ... Unlike a class, an interface never implements methods; instead, classes that implement the interface implement the methods defined by the interface. A class can implement multiple interfaces.

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  • Ask: What is difference between UNI and NNI?

    Answer: Network Node Interface. (networking) (NNI) The ATM Forum's specification for connections between network nodes. NNI makes network routing possible. It typically refers to backbone trunk connections between ATM switching equipment.

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