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Questions with Embedded - Microprocessors

  • Ask: What is an embedded microprocessor?

    Answer: An embedded processor is a type of microprocessor designed into a system to control electrical and mechanical functions. ... At a basic level, embedded processors are a CPU chip placed in a system that it helps control. Embedded processors are often confused with microcontrollers.

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  • Ask: Where are embedded processors used?

    Answer: Embedded processors are used for those systems which do not require the processing power of standard devices such as desktops, laptops or workstations.


  • Ask: What is embedded application?

    Answer: An embedded application is software that is placed permanently inside some kind of device to perform a very specific set of functions. ... The program instructions for embedded systems are called firmware, or embedded software, and are stored in read-only memory, or flash memory chips.


  • Ask: What is an embedded system examples?

    Answer: Some examples of embedded systems are MP3 players, mobile phones, video game consoles, digital cameras, DVD players, and GPS. Household appliances, such as microwave ovens, washing machines and dishwashers, include embedded systems to provide flexibility and efficiency.

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