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  • Ask: What is the work of instrumentation?

    Answer: What is an Instrumentation Engineer? Instrumentation Engineers are responsible for planning, installing, monitoring and maintaining control systems and machinery within manufacturing environments. They typically work with control processes that use sensors to provide feedback.


  • Ask: What are the types of instrumentation?

    Answer: Basically, there are different types of instruments such as electrical instruments, electronic instruments and mechanical instruments. Instrumentation is further classified into many types such as electrical instrumentation, industrial instrumentation, electronics instrumentation, mechanical instrumentation, and so on.

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  • Ask: What is meant by instrumentation engineering?

    Answer: Instrumentation Engineering is defined as the art and science of measurement and control of process variables within a production, or manufacturing area. It is one of the brightest fields in engineering today. As an independent discipline, it deals with measurement, control and automation of processes.

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  • Ask: What is electrical instrumentation?

    Answer: Knowledge of: Electrical Instrumentation Technician I: ... Electronic and electrical low voltage circuits. Methods, practices and equipment used in maintaining, repairing, testing and adjusting electro-mechanical, pneumatic, electronic and other types of recording, control, and measuring instruments.


  • Ask: What is meant by buffer amplifier?

    Answer: A buffer amplifier (sometimes simply called a buffer) is one that provides electrical impedance transformation from one circuit to another, with the aim of preventing the signal source from being affected by whatever currents (or voltages, for a current buffer) that the load may be produced with.


  • Ask: What is the ideal gain of buffer?

    Answer: Although its voltage gain is 1 or unity, it has high current gain, high input impedance and low output impedance. It is used to avoid loading of the signal source.


  • Ask: What is a buffer stage?

    Answer: Buffer Stage. a stage of an amplifier of a radio transmitter or receiver using an electron tube or transistor.

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  • Ask: What is the purpose of a buffer circuit?

    Answer: A buffer is a unity gain amplifier packaged in an integrated circuit. Its function is to provide sufficient drive capability to pass signals or data bits along to a succeeding stage. Voltage buffers increase available current for low impedance inputs while retaining the voltage level.

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