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Questions with Thin Film Capacitors

  • Ask: What is thin film capacitor?

    Answer: Film capacitor definition A film capacitor is a capacitor that uses a thin plastic film as the dielectric. They are relatively cheap, stable over time and have low self-inductance and ESR, while some film capacitors can withstand large reactive power values.

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  • Ask: What is the difference between ceramic and film capacitors?

    Answer: In general, ceramic capacitors are somewhat non-linear in their frequency and voltage responses, compared to film capacitors. ... Both film caps and ceramic ones are non-polarized, so that isn't a difference.

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  • Ask: What are plastic capacitors used for?

    Answer: Film capacitors are also known as plastic film capacitors or film dielectric capacitors. Plastic film capacitors are mainly used in circuits where low loss and high insulation resistance is required.

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