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Storage/Refrigeration Temperature: 77°F (25°C)
Part Number Manufacturer Description Package Series Part Status TypeColorFormFeaturesShelf LifeShelf Life StartStorage/Refrigeration Temperature
CW2900 Chemtronics COND ACRYLIC ADH PEN 8.5G SILVER - CircuitWorks® Active Acrylic AdhesiveSilver GrayPen, 8.5g (0.30 oz)Conductive, Repair12 MonthsDate of Manufacture77°F (25°C)
8461-85ML MG Chemicals LUB GREASE TUBE 85G OFF-WHITE - 8461 Active GreaseOff-WhiteTube, 85g (3 oz)Lubricant60 MonthsDate of Manufacture77°F (25°C)
4228-55ML MG Chemicals RED GLPT INSULATING VARNISH - 4228 Active PaintRedBottle, 55 mL (2 oz)Coating60 MonthsDate of Manufacture77°F (25°C)
50-00-1091-0000 Parker Chomerics POLYURETHANE COATING PRIMER 4OZ - CHO-SHIELD® 1091 Active PaintRedJar, 3.35 oz (95g)Protective Coating9 MonthsDate of Manufacture77°F (25°C)
52-00-0596-0000 Parker Chomerics SILVER EMI EPOXY COATING 1/2PT - CHO-SHIELD® 596 Active Epoxy, 2 PartSilverBottle/Can, 3 oz (85g)Conductive9 MonthsDate of Manufacture77°F (25°C)
54-02-4220-0000 Parker Chomerics SILVER CONDUCTIVE GREASE 1.5OZ - CHO-LUBE® 4220 Active GreaseSilverTube, 1.5 oz (42.5g)Conductive12 MonthsDate of Manufacture77°F (25°C)
54-01-4220-0000 Parker Chomerics SILVER CONDUCTIVE GREASE 4OZ - CHO-LUBE® 4220 Active GreaseSilverCartridge, 6 oz (170g)Conductive12 MonthsDate of Manufacture77°F (25°C)
50-04-2165-0000 Parker Chomerics COPPER EMI SEALANT 1QT BRN/RED - CHO-BOND® 2165 Active Polyurethane, 2 PartBrownish RedBottle/Can, 5 lb (2.27 kg)Coating9 Months-77°F (25°C)
52-01-0596-0000 Parker Chomerics SILVER EMI EPOXY COATING 1PT - CHO-SHIELD® 596 Active Epoxy, 2 PartSilverCan, 1 lb (453.59g)Coating, Conductive9 MonthsDate of Manufacture77°F (25°C)
8461-1P MG Chemicals LUB GREASE TUB 487G OFF-WHITE - 8461 Obsolete GreaseOff-WhiteTub, 487g (17.2 oz)Lubricant60 MonthsDate of Manufacture77°F (25°C)