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Form of Tub, 454g (16 oz) | 8462-1P | 1 items

Keywords: Form of Tub, 454g (16 oz), 8462-1P, Coating, Grease, Repair

Description: By screening coating, grease, repair with form of tub, 454g (16 oz). the eligible records: 1

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Form: Tub, 454g (16 oz)
Part Number Manufacturer Description Package Series Part Status TypeColorFormFeaturesShelf LifeShelf Life StartStorage/Refrigeration Temperature
8462-1P MG Chemicals LUB DIELECT SIL GREASE TUB 454G - 8462 Active Dielectric Silicone GreaseTranslucentTub, 454g (16 oz)Lubricant60 MonthsDate of Manufacture32°F ~ 77°F (0°C ~ 25°C)