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  • Ask: What are function generators used for?

    Answer: A signal or function generator is a device that can produce various patterns of voltage at a variety of frequencies and amplitudes. A common use is to test the response of circuits to a known input signal. Most function generators allow you to generate sine, square or triangular AC function signals.

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  • Ask: What is difference between signal generator and function generator?

    Answer: A signal generator can generate simple waveforms (usually just sine wave, although some may generate square wave, triangle wave). ... A function generator has capability to generate the above waveforms but also custom shapes, which in some cases can be created and loaded into generator using software.


  • Ask: What is the function of oscilloscope and function generator?

    Answer: So many of the experiments in the advanced labs make use of oscilloscopes and function generators that it is useful to learn their general operation. Function generators are signal sources which provide a specifiable voltage applied over a specifiable time, such as a \u201csine wave\u201d or \u201ctriangle wave\u201d signal.