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Questions with Equipment - Variable Transformers

  • Ask: What is variable transformer?

    Answer: Variable transformers are transformers that can put out differing amounts of voltage from the same input voltage. There are trademarked versions of these transformers and there are versions that are simply sold as variable transformers, some of which are built to custom specifications.


  • Ask: How does a Variac transformer work?

    Answer: How does a variac work? Variacs can best be described as tapped inductors, where the "tap" is a conductive slider that moves along the length of the inductor. ... Unlike a transformer with isolated input and output windings, variacs have a single winding that serves as both the input and output source.

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  • Ask: What is a variac used for?

    Answer: Variacs are also used in experiments and testing to simulate various voltage and line conditions. Electrical equipment designed for a voltage other than the 120V or 240V supplied domestically can be powered at the intended voltage level with a variac.

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  • Ask: What is the symbol for a transformer?

    Answer: This symbol is for a single line diagram, also known as one line diagram, which electrical engineers use. It means power, or distribution transformer, and sometimes, delta-wye symbols accompany it.

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