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Questions with Racks

  • Ask: What is rack slang for?

    Answer: The word rack is used in Vocabulary, Sexual, Slang meaning frame for holding stuff,a well endowed woman's breasts,shelved unit,pair of breasts.

    rack, slang

  • Ask: How much money is a rack?

    Answer: Rack (Money Slang) Rack refers to one thousand dollars. Though that's the standard definition for rack, lot of people with a lot less money than that, usually say they have racks meaning they have lot of money. The plural of rack is racks, if an individual say they have 5 racks, it means they have 5 thousand dollars.

  • Ask: What are racks in rap?

    Answer: It means to have a lot of money. Typically this is used to describe income gained through the drug trade. "Racks" are stacks of paper (money). So if you have racks on racks on racks then you have piles of cash. The term was made gained popularity in hip hop culture after the song by YC.

    racks, racks

  • Ask: What nice rack means?

    Answer: Nice rack. New Word Suggestion. USA term used to describe a female with nice breasts, usually large. add this sense of rack. Submitted By: DavedWachsman - 11/10/2012.

    nice rack, nice, rack