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Questions with Component Insulators, Mounts, Spacers

  • Ask: How much does it cost to put spacers on a car?

    Answer: As they said wheel spacers you just jack up the wrangler, take the wheel off and then bolt on the spacer. Its easy, and straight forward. If you end up bringing it to a shop, they are going to charge you top price for the parts, and then labor. Depending on the shop, it can be anywhere from $200-$400 in labor.

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  • Ask: What is spacer in car?

    Answer: Typically used to install larger tires, wheel spacers are devices that fit over a vehicle's holding bracket to create extra clearance between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly. ... Wheel spacers are also used merely to extend the wheels outward from the vehicle to give it a more interesting look.

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  • Ask: What are hub spacers?

    Answer: Hubcentric wheel spacers are designed to make sure the weight of the car is carried by the hub and not by the studs or bolts. They are machined perfectly on the rear of the wheel spacer to match the locating ring on the hub with the same size locating ring on the front of the spacer.

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  • Ask: What are hub adapters?

    Answer: Hub Centric is a term we use for an adapter that fits precisely onto your axle hub. and also has a hub or lip on the face of the adapter to center your rims. In other words the Inside Diameter of the adapter center hole is the same as the Outside Diameter of your vehicle axle hub.

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