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Questions with DIN Rail Channel

  • Ask: What means DIN rail?

    Answer: DIN rails are the long metal strips that form the core part of a global industry standard component rail-mounting system in equipment cabinet racks. ... In this context, 'DIN' is an acronym that stands for Deutsche Institut für Normung, which translates into English as 'German Institute of Standards'.

    din rails, rail, din

  • Ask: How do I use DIN rails?

    Answer: Standard DIN Rails are available in 35mm (7.5 and 15mm deep), 32mm and 15mm widths and are supplied in 1 m (3'3") and 2 m (6'6\u201d) lengths.

    35mm, 15mm, 32mm

  • Ask: What is the standard size DIN rail?

    Answer: Din Rail - Electrical - The Home Depot.

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