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Questions with Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

  • Ask: What are aluminum electrolytic capacitors used for?

    Answer: Aluminum electrolytic capacitors (electrolytics) are widely used in power supply applications requiring high capacitance in energy-dense, small-volume packages having very low equivalent series resistance (ESR).

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  • Ask: How long do aluminum electrolytic capacitors last?

    Answer: Today's aluminum electrolytic capacitors have longer shelf life, usually around 2 years, as compared to their predecessors. For aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the changes in ESR, capacitance, and leakage current are caused by chemical reaction between the aluminum oxide film and the electrolyte.

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  • Ask: Why do we use electrolytic capacitors?

    Answer: They are commonly used as filtering devices in various power supplies to reduce the voltage ripple. When used in switching power supplies, they are often the critical component limiting the usable life of the power supply, so high quality capacitors are used in this application.

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  • Ask: What's inside electrolytic capacitors?

    Answer: What's Inside an Electrolytic Capacitor? The aluminium electrolytic capacitor consists of two foils sandwiched between absorbent paper, and wound tightly into a cylinder. The anode, is composed of pure aluminium foil with aluminium oxide formed electrolytically on the surface.

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