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Questions with Mounting Brackets

  • Ask: What are mounting brackets?

    Answer: A bracket is an architectural element: a structural or decorative member. ... This shelf bracket is effectively the same as the architectural bracket: a vertical arm mounted on the wall, and a horizontal arm projecting outwards for another element to be attached on top of it or below it.

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  • Ask: What is mounting hardware?

    Answer: Accessories to aid in the installation of rack mount IT equipment and to secure racks into position within an enclosure. Mounting hardware includes light and heavy-duty shelves, bolt-down brackets, stabilization plates, grounding kits, keyboard drawers, mounting rails, brackets, and associated hardware.

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  • Ask: Can you install SSD without bracket?

    Answer: Brackets are not generally included in an SSD package, as many times there is no need for them. This keeps the cost down, though there are sometimes package deals that include the bracket.

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  • Ask: Are TV mounting screws Universal?

    Answer: TV mount screws that attach your television to the bracket are universal, if they are the same VESA size.

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