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Questions with Chassis Mount Resistors

  • Ask: What is a chassis mount resistor?

    Answer: Chassis mount resistors are manufactured using wirewound resistor technology in a large ceramic core molded into an extruded aluminum, chassis-mount housing. ... For applications where the design of the resistor is to promote heat loss and cooling, a chassis mount resistor is an ideal resistor for your next design.

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  • Ask: What is a chassis mount?

    Answer: An example of a chassis is a vehicle frame, the underpart of a motor vehicle, on which the body is mounted; if the running gear such as wheels and transmission, and sometimes even the driver's seat, are included, then the assembly is described as a rolling chassis.

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  • Ask: What is SMD resistor?

    Answer: An SMD resistor is a type of resistor that has been designed to be surface mounted. ... The SMD part of \u201cSMD Resistor\u201d stands for Surface Mounted Device. An SMD is an electronic component that can be mounted directly to a PCB circuit board by using \u201cSurface Mount Technology\u201d (SMT).

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