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  • Ask: How does an image sensor work?

    Answer: An image sensor or imager is a sensor that detects and conveys information used to make an image. It does so by converting the variable attenuation of light waves (as they pass through or reflect off objects) into signals, small bursts of current that convey the information.

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  • Ask: What is an image sensor made of?

    Answer: The solid-state image sensor chip contains pixels which are made up of light sensitive elements, micro lenses, and micro electrical components. The chips are manufactured by semiconductor companies and cut from wafers. The wire bonds transfer the signal from the die to the contact pads at the back of the sensor.

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  • Ask: What is camera image sensor?

    Answer: An image sensor is a solid-state device, the part of the camera's hardware that captures light and converts what you see through a viewfinder or LCD monitor into an image. Think of the sensor as the electronic equivalent of film.

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  • Ask: How does a CMOS image sensor work?

    Answer: In a CMOS sensor, the charge from the photosensitive pixel is converted to a voltage at the pixel site and the signal is multiplexed by row and column to multiple on chip digital-to-analog converters (DACs). Inherent to its design, CMOS is a digital device.

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  • Ask: What is the best camera to buy for a beginner photographer?

    Answer: 1. Nikon D3500. Nikon may not have announced any new entry-level DSLRs for a while, but the D3500 remains an excellent option for those new to photography. It picks up from where the D3400 left off, but with a handful of extra perks.

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  • Ask: Which is the best camera to buy?

    Answer: The most basic digital cameras are \u201cpoint and shoot\u201d\u2014simple and low on functions\u2014which cost between $300 and $900. Mid-range digital cameras range from $800 to $1,700 (with lens), and professional cameras and lenses can climb many times higher.

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