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Questions with Through Hole Resistors

  • Ask: What is a through hole resistor?

    Answer: Through-hole resistors come with long, pliable leads which can be stuck into a breadboard or hand-soldered into a prototyping board or printed circuit board (PCB). ... The most common through-hole resistors come in an axial package. The size of an axial resistor is relative to its power rating.

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  • Ask: Which material is used for resistor?

    Answer: resistors are made from small rods of ceramic coated with metal such as a nickel alloy or a metal oxide such as tin oxide. The value of resistance is controlled by the thickness of the coating layer; the thicker the layer, the lower the value of resistance.


  • Ask: How are SMD resistors made?

    Answer: The resistor is made by taking an alumina or ceramic substrate. ... Then a thin film of resistive material is deposited - this is typically metal oxide or a metal film - again the resistor is fired. The length, thickness and material used all determine the resistance of the component.

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