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Questions with Proximity Sensors

  • Ask: Where are proximity sensors used?

    Answer: Proximity sensors are used across a broad range of industrial and manufacturing applications. They're used to sense the presence of objects or materials and then either initiate some action or simply flag their presence or absence.


  • Ask: What are the types of proximity sensors?

    Answer: Thus the proximity of the object is detected by a change in capacitance. The sensor can also be used to detect a wide variety of non-metallic and metallic objects and typically operate over a range of 3 to 30 mm.

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  • Ask: How far can a proximity sensor work?

    Answer: Factors that the sensing distance or area of the proximity sensor changes are an ambient temperature and an operating voltage, etc. Moreover, It greatly influences repeat accuracy because there are piece-to-piece variations (rated sensing distance: ±10%), when two or more pieces are used by the same setting.

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