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Questions with Temperature Sensors - Analog and Digital Output

  • Ask: What is an analog output?

    Answer: Common PLC input/output (I/O) can be analog and/or digital. An analog signal is one whose value continually varies over time. ... By contrast, a digital (or discrete) signal is one with a value at a specified interval of time. Think of an “on/off” status of a switch or relay, a motor or an indicator light.

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  • Ask: What is difference between analog and digital?

    Answer: Analog input signals can represent such items as temperature or level or rate of flow. Analog output signals are also variable and can be used for such things as opening a valve to a desired position. Then, an analog signal is something like telling how much the door is open (or closed).

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  • Ask: What is a digital output?

    Answer: In analog technology, a wave is recorded or used in its original form. So, for example, in an analog tape recorder, a signal is taken straight from the microphone and laid onto tape. ... In digital technology, the analog wave is sampled at some interval, and then turned into numbers that are stored in the digital device.

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