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Questions with Cable and Cord Grips

  • Ask: What is the point of cord specific grips?

    Answer: Cord grips are used to pass a cord or cable into an enclosure, through a bulkhead or into a control device like a switch. They are used in industrial and commercial settings to control arc of bend or prevent a cable from being pulled out of a system. They also prevent cable damage and failure.

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  • Ask: How do you use the strain relief cord connector?

    Answer: The strain relief is typically a series of ridges at the point where the cabling meets the connector or plug that allows flexibility in the cable without putting stress on that vulnerable point in the cord.

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  • Ask: What is cable strain relief?

    Answer: Cord and Cable Connectors. Cord and cable connectors are for use with portable cord and are installed to provide a means for passing cord into an enclosure, form a watertight seal, and to provide pull-out protection for the cord.

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