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Questions with Flat Ribbon Cables

  • Ask: What is a ribbon cable used for?

    Answer: A ribbon cable is a flat, thin cable composed of multiple small-grade cables placed parallel to each other. ... This type of cable is mostly used in electronic systems that require multiple data buses to link internal peripherals, such as disk drives to their respective drive controllers.

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  • Ask: What is flat wire?

    Answer: But one company has another alternative: wires that are flat instead of round. The company is Southwire. It specializes in creating thin, flat wires and cables that you can glue to a wall and either paint over or coat with a concealing material to blend it into your wall.

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  • Ask: Can you fold ribbon cables?

    Answer: Ribbon cable is a multi-conductor cable, comprised of individually insulated, stranded conductors, which are mechanically bonded to each other in a parallel (flat) orientation. ... Flat and ribbon cables shall not be creased, folded or bent less than three (3) insulated wire diameters (short-term).

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  • Ask: Is there a flat coax cable?

    Answer: Taperwire's flat 3GHz coaxial cable takes the visual appeal of your home theater installation to the next level. Instead of large, unsightly cables running along the wall with cable staples, use this virtually unnoticeable flat cable. This flat cable can also be installed under your flooring of any type.

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