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Questions with Modular Cables

  • Ask: What is a modular cable?

    Answer: Modular connectors are commonly used for telephone systems, data networks, and low-speed serial connections. ... A modular connector typically has a clear, plastic body, with a tab that locks the plug and jack into place when connected. In the vernacular used by the technology industry, they are called "RJ" connectors.

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  • Ask: Are all modular PSU cables the same?

    Answer: There are no standard modular cables. In addition, modular cables can be completely different even if they're part of the same brand, model, or series. Especially in the case of the Toughpower brand which covers numerous and different PSUs of different make and models.

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  • Ask: Are all Corsair modular cables the same?

    Answer: Even with different OEMs Corsair generally use the same pinout, the only exceptions are the AX and old HX Gold, the HX Platinum, RM, RMx, RMi, HXi, AXi, CXm grey label, CSm and TXm are all inter compatible, except for the 24 pin which won't plug in if it's not compatible.

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