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Questions with Barrel - Audio Connectors

  • Ask: Which is positive on a barrel connector?

    Answer: Make sure you know the polarity of the plug so you don't reverse polarity for your circuit and damage your components. ... The center positive drawing on the left indicates that the center (tip) of the output plug is positive (+) and the barrel of the output plug is negative (-). Symbol for a center-positive power supply.

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  • Ask: How do you measure a barrel connector?

    Answer: Connector size is often listed in the format OD (outer diameter) × ID (inner diameter) × L (length of barrel) and expressed in millimeters. Designations may vary between manufacturers. Coaxial plugs that have a male center pin will have another measurement, Center Pin Diameter (CPD).

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  • Ask: What is SAE connector?

    Answer: The SAE connector is a hermaphrodite two-conductor DC connector commonly used for solar and automotive applications (also motorcycles). It is so named for the Society of Automotive Engineers who created its specifications. This connector is typically used for applying a maintenance charge to a vehicle battery.

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