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  • Ask: What is hard metric?

    Answer: A hard metric tends to be one which is: complete \u2013 no other metric is needed to qualify it. slow moving \u2013 it doesn't change that often. important \u2013 it drives real business needs. reciprocity based \u2013 it relies on the response of others so can't easily be gamed.

    hard metric, metric

  • Ask: What is a hard conversion?

    Answer: A "hard conversion" involves a change in measurement units that results in a "physical configuration change." Using the bolt example, this would be analogous to changing the diameter of the bolt shank from ½ in. to an M12 (12-mm) or M14 (14-mm) shank diameter.

  • Ask: What is soft conversion?

    Answer: Soft conversions are actions that indicate a demonstrable interest in your products or services, where the customer seeks more information before making the final purchase decision. These conversions are valuable, though they require more time and nurturing.