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Questions with Barrel - Adapters

  • Ask: Are shotgun adapters legal in Canada?

    Answer: Despite open hunting seasons across much of Canada, lawful firearms owners should refrain from using 12-gauge or larger shotguns with removable chokes or large calibre rifles capable or exceeding the government's energy ceiling. Those firearms are PROHIBITED and may not be used or transports for any reason.

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  • Ask: Can you put a suppressor on a non threaded barrel?

    Answer: A rifle flash hider or suppressor can be installed to minimize noise, hide the muzzle flash or both. ... You must purchase a non-threaded suppressor to install the device to a non-threaded barrel.

    suppressor can, you, non

  • Ask: What is a thread adapter?

    Answer: A cap screw is typically used to fasten these mounts to a post, but in some instances it is necessary to attach the mount to a post with a fixed threaded stud. The counterbore adapter allows parts, such as the KM100, to be post mounted when a cap screw cannot be used.


  • Ask: How accurate are shotgun adapters?

    Answer: Many handguns like the Ruger Mark II and the Browning Buckmark will shoot close to 1 inch groupings at 50 yards all day long. The mechanism of the shotgun rifled chamber adapters however, prevents such accuracy regardless of the length of the insert. The lack of accuracy is not a product of poor quality either.

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