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Terminal Type Number of Turrets Length - Above Board Length - Below Flange Length - Overall Mounting Type Termination Flange Diameter Diameter - Turret Head Staking Side OD Staking Side ID Mounting Hole Diameter Board Thickness Contact Material Contact Finish Contact Finish Thickness Insulation

Questions with Terminals - Turret Connectors

  • Ask: What is a turret terminal?

    Answer: Turret connectors or more commonly Turret terminals are used for to make interconnections between PCB and chassis-mounted components. ... The turret refers to the amount of levels (i.e. the disk like separations) the terminal has.

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  • Ask: How do you solder turret terminals?

    Answer: Definition: Standard style solder lugs are designed to provide an excellent electrical connection by soldering a wire directly onto the solder lug. Multiple wires can be soldered to one lug. Some standard style solder lugs can also be soldered onto the connecting surface.

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