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Questions with Shunts, Jumpers

  • Ask: What is a shunt connector?

    Answer: In electronics, a shunt is a device that creates a low-resistance path for electric current, to allow it to pass around another point in the circuit. The origin of the term is in the verb 'to shunt' meaning to turn away or follow a different path.


  • Ask: What is a shunt conductor or jumper?

    Answer: An appropriately sized conductive sleeve called a jumper, or more technically, a shunt jumper, is slipped over the pins to complete the circuit. ... This also avoids the risk that an unshielded jumper will accidentally short out something critical (particularly if it is dropped on a live circuit).

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  • Ask: What is a jumper shunt?

    Answer: Jumpers are a convenient way to cross a trace on a printed circuit board when there is no other option. Shunts can be either soldered in a board or they can be removable when used with a male header. This would allow such things as configuration of a circuit board or re-routing a signal on a board.

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  • Ask: What is a solder jumper?

    Answer: A circuit board jumper is basically a conductor that gets soldered between two points on the board to make a connection. There are two general reasons for adding PCB jumpers. The first is to correct a defect or implement a change after the board has been defined or assembled.

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