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  • Ask: What does it mean in flux?

    Answer: flux. The noun flux describes something that constantly changes. If your likes, dislikes, attitudes, dreams, and even friends are changing all the time, you may be in flux. Flux can also mean being unsure about a decision. ... You're in flux until you hear from the potential employer.

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  • Ask: What is flux used for?

    Answer: In soldering of metals, flux serves a threefold purpose: it removes any oxidized metal from the surfaces to be soldered, seals out air thus preventing further oxidation, and by facilitating amalgamation improves wetting characteristics of the liquid solder.


  • Ask: What is flux formula?

    Answer: Magnetic flux is the product of the average magnetic field times the perpendicular area that it crosses. Magnetic flux = Magnetic field * Area * (angle between the planar area and the magnetic flux) The equation is: \u03a6 = B A cos(\u03b8)

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  • Ask: What is meant by magnetic flux?

    Answer: Magnetic flux is what generates the field around a magnetic material. ... The number of magnetic field lines passing through a surface (such as a loop of wire). The magnetic flux through a closed surface (such as a ball) is always zero. The SI unit of magnetic flux is the Weber (Wb) (in derived units: volt-seconds).

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