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Questions with Hex, Torx Keys

  • Ask: Is Hex same as Torx?

    Answer: Hexagon keys are also known by several other names including hex key, hex wrench, Allen key, and Allen wrench. Torx is a brand name trademark for fastener heads and keys that have a six-point, star-like pattern.

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  • Ask: Can you use hex instead of Torx?

    Answer: We actually don't recommend using your torx wrenches in place of a hex key or Allen wrench. ... With that being said, torx size, T9, won't doesn't really work with any of the SAE hex sizes. However, it's actually a perfect match for metric size, 2.5 mm.

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  • Ask: What is the ball end of a hex key for?

    Answer: The ball end makes it easier to slide the key into the receiving slot. It allows you to reach at an offset 30 degree angle so that you can feel your way to the needed position much faster - great for blind or difficult areas to reach or if the bolt or screw is close to an obstruction on one side.

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  • Ask: What is the smallest hex key?

    Answer: They are also useful for repairs and adjustments on microscopes and other instrumentation. Covers both small standard (inches) and metric allen screws. Set contains sizes: 0.028"/ 0.7mm, 0.035"/ 0.9mm, 0.050"/ 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 1/16" and 5/64"/2mm.

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