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Questions with Wire Cutters

  • Ask: What are the best wire cutters?

    Answer: Cutters designed for cutting copper or even aluminum wires aren't suitable for cutting even smaller diameter hardened wire. However, small-gauge wire rope cutters are often limited to diameters 1/8\u2033 or smaller.

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  • Ask: Can wire cutters cut through metal?

    Answer: Wire cutters are commonly used to cut copper, brass, iron, aluminum, and steel wire. Some wire cutters have insulated handles which ensure that you will not get shocked from the wires you're working with. Diagonal cutters have intersecting jaws that cut the wire at an angle, leaving a flat tip.

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  • Ask: What is Wire Cutter Tool?

    Answer: Wire cutters are tools for cutting wire. They may be a dedicated tool, such as diagonal cutters, they may be one of several tools on a multi-tool, or they may be a secondary function on a tools whose main function is something else (often a pair of pliers).

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