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Questions with Thermal - Pads, Sheets

  • Ask: What is a thermal sheet?

    Answer: Sheet material that transfers heat generated in IC chips, such as CPUs, to the heat sink to protect the device from overheating.

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  • Ask: What is the best thermal pad?

    Answer: The 11W/mK pads are priced alright and then there are the 17W/mK pads which are even more. If you are looking for cheap thermal pads with around 3-3.5W/mK you can get the EK Thermal pads that are pre-cut for VRAM chips they are pretty great, they come in a bunch of sizes and thickness, I would recommend these.

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  • Ask: What are thermal pads made of?

    Answer: In computing and electronics, thermal pads (also called thermally conductive pad or thermal interface pad) are a pre-formed square or rectangle of solid material (often paraffin wax or silicone based) commonly found on the underside of heatsinks to aid the conduction of heat away from the component being cooled (such ...

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  • Ask: Can I replace thermal pad with paste?

    Answer: You should replace thermal pads with new thermal pads or with a thermal paste that is specially designed to replace thermal pads. Do not reuse old pads and do not replace pads with normal thermal paste like Arctic Silver. Both will lead to overheating and result to GPU or other BGA failure.

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